Cupcakes (standard size)          $30 per dozen

Cupcakes (Large)                      $40 per dozen 

Cupcakes (mini)                         $18 per dozen

Cupcakes (standard size with liquor shots) $3 each 

Cupcake tower (one large, one standard and one mini stacked) $6 each 

Cake pops $20 per dozen

Cake push pops (mini) $2.50 each

Cake push pops (standard size) $3.50 each 

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods $18 per doz 

Chocolate dipped Oreos $24 per dozen

Chocolate dipped rice krispies $24 per dozen

Chocolate dipped strawberries $30 per doz

Chocolate dipped strawberries (with liquor shots) $40 per doz 

Chocolate dipped marshmallows (standard size) $24 per doz

Chocolate dipped marshmallows (jumbo size) $35 per doz

Cookie stacks $4 each

Cake stacks $4 each

Mini cakes $25 each 

Smash cakes $35 each


Starting cake prices

Cake serving 50 $175

Cake serving 100 $350

Cake serving 150 $525

Cake serving 200 $700

Coquito and Flan starting Nov through January